SIGKDD Service Award

The award recognizes individuals or teams for their outstanding services contributions to the field of knowledge discovery in data and data mining that include such professional services as the running of professional societies and conferences, educating students and professionals, funding R&D activities, etc.


2022 SIGKDD Service Award: Charu Aggarwal

Dr. Charu Aggarwal has made significant service contributions to conferences and journals in the field of data mining. He has served as a program chair of ACM KDD Conference in 2016 and the IEEE ICDM Conference in 2015. He is an editor-in-chief of ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data, and is also an editor-in-chief of ACM Books. He previously served as the editor-in-chief of ACM SIGKDD Explorations, which is the premier newsletter of ACM SIGKDD.

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2021 SIGKDD Service Award: Shipeng Yu

Shipeng Yu has been leading teams and driving AI innovations across industries such as social network, manufacturing, service, and healthcare. With a strong research background and an entrepreneurial mindset, he is enthusiastic about creative thinking, innovative business models, and great team work. 

Currently he leads the Communications AI team at LinkedIn, which owns the major AI engine driving engagement growth and member retention at LinkedIn. The team develops innovative AI algorithms, builds scalable AI pipeline and platforms, makes great business impact, and also actively contributes to research communities. 

Shipeng strongly believes in giving back to the research community. He served as General Chair for KDD 2017. He is currently the Sponsorship Director for SIGKDD, overseeing the sponsorship effort for the annual KDD conferences and other Data Mining community activities. 

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2020 SIGKDD Service Award: Michael Zeller

Michael Zeller, head of artificial intelligence (AI) strategy and solutions at Temask, is honored for his contributions to the field through dedication to ACM SIGKDD as the volunteer treasurer and secretary of the executive committee. Zeller has served on the executive board for eight years, playing an instrumental role in planning multiple KDD conferences. With a special emphasis on applied AI, his mission as an executive committee member is to foster strong partnerships between research institutions and industry organizations as a key for the continued success of the KDD community.

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2019 SIGKDD Service Award: Balaji Krishnapuram

Balaji Krishnapuram, director and distinguished engineer at IBM Watson Health, is honored for his contributions to society through the development of machine learning products to improve healthcare. ACM SIGKDD Service Award is the highest service award in the field of knowledge discovery and data mining (KDD). It is conferred on one individual or one group for their outstanding professional services and contributions to the field of knowledge discovery and data mining.

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2018 SIGKDD Service Award: Jie Tang

Dr. Jie Tang is both one of the leading researchers in the KDD community and also a major contributor to key service roles in the community.  His track record of leadership includes conference organization, journal editorship, and participation in the founding of the Chinese KDD chapter. He has also initiated many new activities and has applied his AMiner system to develop resources for the KDD community.

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2017 SIGKDD Service Award: Dr. Qiang Yang

Dr. Qiang Yang has an outstanding history of serving and promoting the fields of data mining and the artificial intelligence. He has served as the PC Co-chair for ACM KDD 2010, General Chair for ACM KDD 2012 in Beijing and PC Chair for IJCAI 2015.  He was the General Co-Chair for conferences such as ACM IUI 2009, ACM RecSys 2013, and IEEE Big Data 2013. He has chaired many committees in data mining and AI, including the 2017 ACM SIGKDD Test-of-Time Paper Award Committee, 2017 IJCAI Award Committee, and 2017 IEEE AI Ten-to-Watch Committee.  He is the founding editor in chief of ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology (ACM TIST), which has become one of the most cited journals under ACM in recent history.  He has also founded the journal IEEE Transactions on Big Data, for which he is the Editor in Chief.  He serves on the AAAI Executive Council and is a member of the Board of Trustees for IJCAI.  

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2016 SIGKDD Service Award: Wei Wang

ACM SIGKDD is pleased to announce that Wei Wang is the winner of its 2016 Service Award for her exceptional technical contributions to the foundation and practice of data mining and for her excellent services to the data mining community.

ACM SIGKDD Service Award is the highest service award in the field of knowledge discovery and data mining (KDD). It is conferred on one individual or one group for their outstanding professional services and contributions to the field of knowledge discovery and data mining

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2015 SIGKDD Service Award: Jian Pei

Jian Pei is the winner of its 2015 Service Award for his significant technical contributions to the principles, practice and application of data mining and for his outstanding services to society and the data mining community. Pei has a long history of contributing to the frontier of data mining research and serving the data mining community. As one of the most cited authors in data mining, Pei is one of the key organizers of many KDD and data mining conferences and events, such as ACM KDD, IEEE ICDM, SIAM Data Mining, and ACM CIKM, in various roles, such as general co-chair, program committee co-chair, tutorial co-chair, workshop co-chair, and senior program committee member.

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Frequency of the Awards

Once a year.

Administration of the Awards Program

The SIGKDD Awards Committee, consisting of 3-5 prominent senior scientists in the field, will solicit nominations for recipient candidates, evaluate the nominations, and select winners.
The SIGKDD Chair will form the Awards Committee by inviting candidates. The SIGKDD Chair will appoint the Chair of the Awards Committee.
The terms of the Awards Committee will be the same as the term of the SIGKDD Chair.

Once formed, the Awards Committee will select winners of the Awards completely independently of SIGKDD Chair or SIGKDD Executive Committee.

The Award winner will be decided by a two-thirds majority vote of the Awards Committee.

There will be at most one individual or one group to receive either Award in any given year. (It is possible that in a given year, there may be no winner of either Award.)
The Awards Committee will solicit nominations for Award recipients 5 months before the SIGKDD Annual International Conference via the SIGKDD website, SIGKDD Annual Conference website, and the KDNuggets electronic newsletter.
Nominations, once made, may be re-considered for the subsequent two years; if the nominee does not win after the first three years, the nomination is discarded.
The deadline for the nominations will be 3 months before the SIGKDD Annual International Conference. (The Awards Committee will take 6 weeks to make its decisions.

The winners will receive the Awards at the SIGKDD Annual International Conference. The winners will be announced in the SIGKDD Conference website and the SIGKDD website.

The Awards

Each Award carries a $2,500 monetary award and a plaque.
If the winner is a group of individuals, the group will receive $2,500 (not each individual). However, each individual will receive a plaque.


SIGKDD Chair and members of the SIGKDD Awards Committee are not eligible to be nominated for either Award.

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