BPDM before KDD 2013

Broadening Participation in Data Mining (BPDM) will be held August 9-10, 2013 in Chicago, IL at the Embassy Suites Chicago Downtown Lakefront

As data mining research and applications continue to expand into a variety of fields such as medicine, finance, security, marketing, biometrics, and more, the need for talented and diverse individuals is clearly felt. This is especially the case as Big Data initiatives have taken off in federal, private, and academic sectors, providing a wealth of opportunities, nationally and internationally.
Accordingly, BPDM directly addresses this need by providing a venue for which students of underrepresented groups are exposed to technically rich content and guidance from senior researchers in industry, academia, and government. We plan to continue in growing meaningful lasting connections between researchers, thereby strengthening the Data Mining Community, as well as, a number of other directly affected fields. The structure of the workshop is geared to provide students with opportunities to learn, share, and connect.
  • Learn – students will attend various panels and featured talks which will address common issues and advancements in Data Mining
  • Share – poster sessions will allow students to share their research and gain valuable feedback from senior members of the community and fellow researchers
  • Connect – various networking breaks will allow students to connect with mentors and peers and expand their network.

Featured speakers and panelists include:

  • Natasha Balac, UCSD
  • Roy Byrd, IBM
  • Carlotta Domeniconi, George Mason
  • Tyrone Grandison, Proficiency Labs International
  • Shawndra Hill, UPenn
  • Patricia Ordonez-Rozo, University of Puerto Rico Río Piedras
  • Claudia Perlich, Media6Degrees
  • Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, KDnuggets
  • John Springer, Purdue University
  • Soundar Srinivasan, Robert Bosch Research and Technology Center
  • Michael Zeller, CEO Zementis

To join us for this two-day program, send your name, title/degree program, institution/organization to bpdmprogram@gmail.com by July 30th!
Update (Thursday, 8/08/2013):
You may also join the Broadening Participation in Data Mining (BPDM) program as we stream live from KDD 2013 in Chicago.  Click on the links below to watch and interact live with our feature speakers:

Natasha Balac (UCSD) - Aug. 9 @ 8:30 am CST
"Demystifying Data Science" (https://purdue.advantageconnectpro.com/bpdm-balac/)

Claudia Perlich (Media6Degrees) - Aug. 10 @ 8:30 am CST
"Modeling Challenges in Digital Advertising" (https://purdue.advantageconnectpro.com/bpdm-perlich/)

For more information, please visit us at www.dataminingshop.com.

Brandeis Marshall, Purdue University
Caio Soares, Robert Bosch Research and Technology Center
BPDM Organizers



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